Escape from Hong Kong - The Final Hours

Officers enjoying a day out in Guiyang











Guiyang 26th January 1942

Some of the Officers enjoying a day out in Guiyang with their female hosts who were from Shanghai

Sub-Lt Gee, Sub-Lt Brewer, Sub-Lt Legge, Lt parsons, Lt Kennedy.

. Sub-Lt David Legge in the centre had lived in Shanghai and spoke the language, and so was the interpreter. Sophie Lim, and the Chen sisters.

On the right is Lt Alexander Kennedy of MTB 09, the author of the self published book "Hong Kong Full Circle"

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The contents of this web site led to a considerable number of escapee families contacting me and now each other, and remains the principle source of contact and private information for the spin off projects that have followed. The personal accounts enabled me to record the complete and true account of this remarkable episode of Sino-British war time co-operation. The information compiled here has directly resulted in a museum exhibition in Hong Kong, a re-enactment of the escape in Hong Kong and China, with a movie drama and documentary in the making.

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